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And how are you preparing for it?

I'm trying to get a bunch of stuff wrapped up by the end of October so when November rolls around I'm ready to write write write.

Yesterday I cleaned my closet, and packed away my summer clothes and brought out my winter ones.

Other things I want to do before Nov. 1:

*Addressing Christmas cards (Yes, very early, but I tend to panic about holiday stuff when Dec. 1 hits--so I'm saving myself the anxiety and doing it early :P)

*Clean up my desk and make it more inspiring so when I sit down for Nano I won't want to leave.

*Stock up on semi-healthy snack foods (if you have any ideas for this, that'd be great...so far my very short list consists of pretzels :P)

*Stock up on dry food and hay for my piggies and the hamster

*Make a Nano totem necklace that I will put on before each writing session to get me in the 'frame' of mind for writing.

*Come up with a reward system of some kind, so when I hit my desired word count each day, I get some kind of prize. :P

And then there's the other stuff, like outlining and character sketches, and making a playlist for my novel.

What about the rest of you?


My day one word count total: 1828!

Yay me. I'll admit, it's not the best writing I've ever done but by God I made the word count!!

Er, so...

Due to the death of my baby Bozzie Bear...I'm a little late to the party. So...I'm doing my Nano from today til Dec. 6th. Can I still play?

Word Count Rewards?

Been spending some time on the Nanowrimo forums and came across an interesting thread about rewarding yourself when you hit certain word counts. I think this could work for me, because I'm highly motivated to do things if I'm getting rewarded for it. :P What do you guys think? Are you motivated by rewards? And if so, what kind of rewards would you consider giving yourself for hitting word count goals?


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